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Irina is very attentive and willing to explain the logic behind each pose. I like that the classes are varied and we can work on different postures to get the maximum out of yoga practice!

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✨ Yoga-curious – from beginners to seasoned practitioners

✨ People working in the office and those with demanding lifestyles

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1️⃣ Cultivate a Daily Practice: Build healthy habits with guided sessions

2️⃣ Transformative Insights: Learn what teachers rarely share at a regular yoga class

3️⃣ Festive Wellness: Nourish your mind, body, and spirit throughout December

I highly recommend Irina’s yoga courses. She shows you how to do the poses in a good way. After a few weeks, you already see an improvement on your flexibility and your posture.

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I finally got to do the downward facing dog the right way! No teacher bothered with that before. My back feels very grateful every time I go.

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