Yoga, Hiking and Experiences
Retreat in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
16-21 September 2023

Yoga, Hiking and Experiences
Retreat in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
16-21 September 2023

Your holiday in a unique sustainable location, full of relaxation and activities at the same time.

Practise relaxing and energising yoga, chill in the sustainable accommodation, savour delicious organic treats and hike along the jaw-dropping routes?

I will show you the most incredible places in the dazzling nature of the hidden gem of the Atlantic, São Miguel island of the Portuguese Azores.  Your retreat adventures are inspired by the energy of the 5 elements.

Enjoy and deepen your yoga and meditation practice
Soak in unique
and diverse Azorean
Live through unforgettable experiences with like-minded people

Daily schedule

The retreat activities (yoga, hikes and experiences) are inspired by the energy of the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  Every day starts with setting an intention followed by an energetic Vinyasa-style yoga class.  After that, a healthy breakfast awaits you to nourish your body.  Then we embark on a unique adventure or a hike, taking with us a delicious picnic lunch.  Coming back to the accommodation, you will have time for some relaxation and me-time: chilling out on the terraces and open areas, enjoying the natural swimming pool.  After all this excitement, we will finish the day with restorative yoga practice before a beautiful and healthy 3-course dinner.


Sustainable accommodation 

Our home for 6 days/5 nights is the spacious historical lodge Quinta do Bom Despacho surrounded by one hectare of gardens including organic vegetable growing and orchard area.  A unique natural swimming pool provides us with a crystal clear body of water for swimming pleasure with no use of chemicals whatsoever.

The lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests in a single or double/twin setting.  It is perfectly located at a walking distance from Ponta Delgada, the capital of São Miguel island, and offers excellent views of its south coast.


Yoga and meditation practice

We will practise yoga and meditation twice a day: energising yoga flow in the morning and restorative yoga flow in the evening.  Classes are adjusted right on the spot to your body needs and movement experience.  We will meditate and practise mindfulness after our yoga practice or in nature.

Each yoga and meditation session has a specific theme depending on our program for the day which is inspired by the energy of 5 elements.  This will give you a sense of integration, grounding and living each day with a thought-through intention.


Jaw-dropping hikes in the dazzling nature

The Portuguese Azores are unknown to the regular tourists.  I had to google where they are when I first heard of them!  It is literally a treasure for landscape variety and hikes.  São Miguel island, the location of our retreat, sparkles like a vibrant emerald island gem in the middle of the Atlantic.

Dramatic volcanic landscape, lush forests, greenest fields, spectacular waterfalls, stunning rainbows – this is what we will experience during our daily hikes inspired by the energy of 5 elements.  Walk along the fairytale-like paths, marvelling at the fascinating vegetation, stopping in awe at the amazing views, soaking in the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Azores retreat

Delicious organic nourishments

Experience a culinary heaven on earth!  You will be served with 3 daily delicious, nutritious and simply beautiful vegetarian meals.  

Most importantly, our healthy and nourishing meals are freshly prepared with lots of love and attention to details.  They will craft each dish from regional and seasonal products for you to indulge.  Your dietary requirements will be thoughtfully taken care of throughout the retreat.


Unforgettable experiences

Our time together will be unforgettable and full of fun!  I have organised and planned your retreat to make sure it nourishes your heart, mind and soul.  

I have carefully selected your experiences to take you away from the routine and into a dream holiday.  These are the best experiences you could ever live through when staying in the Azores!  Besides, I will surprise you with some unexpected details that will add on to the spectrum of your emotions.

Whale and dolphin watching
Embark on an amazing marine wildlife eco-expedition trip to see and learn more about whales, dolphins, and marine biodiversity of the Azores. Admire spotting beautiful and gentle creatures that call this island of unspoiled beauty their home.
Hot springs visit
After hiking, it is an absolute delight to soak in hot springs. Imagine floating in the warm water in the middle of nature, letting go of any tension. Let in peace and relaxation.
Sound journey
Experience a fascinating combination of meditative healing sounds created by our private sound journey guide. Allow to energetically cleanse your physical and subtle body and harmonise your energy centres.
Fire ceremony
Experience the magic of letting go and invite the cleansing energy of the fire to release everything that does not serve you.
Celebration barbeque with live music
Celebrate with an exclusive culinary experience with a dazzling ocean view. Your dinner is paired with Portuguese wine, served in a beautiful location overlooking the ocean, with an unforgettable live music concert.
Visit to the pineapple plantation
Did you know that it takes two years to grow a pineapple? Satisfy your curiosity and taste buds at a guided visit to the Azorean pineapple plantation followed by a delicious treat!
Massages on request
Why not indulge in additional relaxation during your free time? Choose from a variety of different options (5 senses, energy healing, acupressure, wellness, sport) and enjoy.
yogashape retreats

Private photography and unique memories

Our private professional photographer Jonathan Prisset will follow our adventures unnoticed and will take incredible shots for you to boast about your unforgettable experience in the Azores and retrieve your warm memories upon your return.


What you will receive


  • 2 daily yoga sessions customised for your unique body needs
  • progressively developed yoga sequence that you can follow after the retreat


  • detailed explanation of how best to position your body during your meditation practice
  • daily guided meditations at the yoga sessions or in the unique nature spots


  • unforgettable experiences: hikes in the amazing landscapes, whale and dolphin watching, epic hot springs, delicious pineapple plantation, sound journey, fire ceremony
  • professional photographs to boast to your friends and retrieve your amazing memories!


  • video recording of a 30-minute yoga session based on techniques and practices we will learn at the retreat
  • a print-out of how to best apply the energy of 5 elements throughout your day
  • and a surprise gift  upon your arrival!

Your host

My name is Irina Oshchepkova, I am a certified yoga teacher with 1000+ hours of teaching experience.  I offer the most in-depth and nurturing luxury retreats in unique locations around the world.    

I love the Azores.  I came here for 2 weeks and ended up staying for 6 months.  I cannot wait to show you the most gorgeous places and experiences of these magic islands!

It is a highlight of my career to take a group of like-minded people to breath-taking destinations to go deeper into their practice, really nourish themselves and reconnect to nature.

What is included


  • 5 nights, 6 days accommodation in a spacious lodge surrounded by one hectare of gardens
  • natural outdoor swimming pool 
  • bed linen, towels, pool towels, hygiene products


  • 3 daily meals
  • including picnics during our hikes
  • fruit from the gardens available throughout the day
  • farm-to-table barbeque experience with an unforgettable live music concert

Yoga and Activities

  • 2 daily yoga and meditation sessions tailored for the theme of the day and inspired by the 5 elements
  • 4 organised hikes in the most fabulous locations of the island with the diverse landscapes
  • whale and dolphin watching
  • entrance to the epic hot springs
  • sound journey
  • visit to the pineapple plantation
  • fire ceremony
  • private professional photographer


  • group transportation from and to the airport
  • group transportation to and from all the activities

What is not included

  • your flights

Your Investment

The payment is non-refundable but can be fully transferred to another person.  Should travel be blocked due to COVID restrictions or other force majeure events, your payment will be credited to a postponed retreat.  The necessary and appropriate travel insurance is needed.

All the payments are made by credit card or by direct bank transfer.  Please contact me at [email protected] for details on bank transfer and invoicing, or if you wish to pay by instalments.

Please check my advice on the best flight option here.

stay tuned for the next dates announcement

pay in full and receive
a gift of a private yoga session,
60 euro value

private single standard room

Sold out

A unique opportunity to reconnect to nature, yourself and like-minded people

This is your unique chance to enjoy a beautiful thought-through high-end retreat in an exotic setting. The Azores destination is like nothing you have ever experienced, it will take your breath away!

Time for nourishment and healing, time to be nurtured by nature, time to explore and revitalise your energy.

Give yourself a gift of valuable time for your body, mind and soul.


The weather in the Azores is spring-like most of the time: with days of sun interlaced with low clouds, a shower, a rainbow – and then sun again. They say the Azores can have the four seasons in just one day!  It is a cool to warm subtropical climate, heavily influenced by the ocean and perfect for the outdoors.

Book a flight to Ponta Delgada, the Azores (PDL).  

There are direct flights from Porto and Lisbon.  If you fly from Brussels, book with TAP Air Portugal or Ryanair, both are with a stop in Lisbon or Porto.  TUI Fly offers flights from/to Brussels on Mondays.  There is also an option to go by train to Paris, and then fly directly to Ponta Delgada.  

Send me your flight details and I will arrange group transportation to our accommodation at the most common time for all. If the common time does not suit you, take a taxi to Quinta do Bom Despacho: Rua do Lagedo 62, 9500-213 Ponta Delgada, Portugal.  It will take about 20 minutes.

Our opening session is at 16:00 on 16 September 2023.

All levels are welcome, from zero to advanced!  Each class is adapted to the needs of participants.

Make sure to bring comfortable clothes for yoga, hiking and swimming.  Hiking shoes are highly recommended.  I will send you a detailed list when you book your experience.

It is highly recommended to stay over the weekend on the island as there are plenty of places to see and things to do.  Contact me for details.

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