reset to your true path
with the energy of 5 elements

28 December 2024 – 2 January 2025
Puglia, Italy

If you are sick and tired of the ‘groundhog day’ holiday season and looking for a meaningful end-of-year getaway, then join us for this nourishing high-touch retreat in the beauty of Italy with a thought-through program, where you will reflect on and release 2024 with gratitude, and restore and gain clarity for 2025.

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Wouldn’t you just love to say goodbye to feeling sluggish and tight after spending lots of time indoors?

On this retreat, through invigorating and relaxing yoga, breathwork and meditation, walks in the forest and cycling by the sea, you will feel both rested and energised, and re-connected to nature, so you can let go of the doldrums and enjoy your life with more vigour and delight.

Have you ever been exhausted but can’t relax because you feel guilty that you’re not doing what you ‘should’ be? 

On this retreat, with guided practices, meditations, massages and sacred time for yourself, you’ll have dedicated time and space to rest and relax, so you’ll feel truly restored and recharged, ready to take on exciting life activities again.

Have you ever felt that there has to be ‘more to life’ than going for coffees and shopping? 

While we are together, through a variety of exciting activities such as tree-planting, pottery-making and historical walks, you will amp up your life and create meaningful memories that will always have a special place in your heart.

Wouldn’t it be just great to not think about what to cook and what groceries to buy? 

On this retreat, delicious vegetarian brunches and dinners will be prepared for you from local products by private chefs. so that you can savour local cuisine and be sure that your dietary requirements are taken care of.  

How wonderful would it be to no longer be overwhelmed with all the holiday hustle while still feeling lonely?

On this retreat, as you will be in the company of like-minded people, you will spend time with people who understand you and share each other’s challenges and blessings, so that you can make deep and meaningful connections.

Have you ever thought that you are missing out on the uniqueness of the New Year as it seems like just another regular day?

Through special ceremonies and rituals on this retreat, you will be guided to release 2023 with gratitude, and welcome 2024 with excitement, so that you are mindful at this special time of the year and realise what really matters to you.

How great would it be to wholeheartedly release 2024 and any of your past that does not serve you?

At a special fire ceremony on this retreat, you will have time and space to reflect on the past and let go of any negativity so that you can prepare yourself for a new start.

How empowering would it be to have a ‘reboot’ at this transformational retreat and welcome New Year 2025 with excitement?

On this retreat, we will do daily practices for you to get more clarity and confidence about your goals for 2025, smoothly and effortlessly plan them out, so that you start the New Year rested and recharged, with excitement and joy,  ready to have a more fulfilling life on your terms.

Yogashape participants

I am so happy, relaxed and energised after the retreat. It totally reconnected me with myself and gave me so much inspiration for my upcoming projects, it was very impactful.

Sounds amazing! Tell me the tuition & sign me up!

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Your home away from home

Our home for 6 days/5 nights is an eco-friendly boutique venue Masseria Specula. It is named after the traditional Apulian farmhouses from the early 1800s which are called ‘Masseria’ in Italian.

Cause-driven and family-run, our home aims to provide a relaxing experience for guests with a positive impact on the environment.

Masseria Specula is perfectly located at a walking distance from the seashore, and can accommodate up to 10 guests in a single, double/twin, or triple setting.

Yogashape participants

My goal was to step back a bit from my routine, from my everyday life. I found peace here, I found good energy and I found a group of people who were very nice. It was nice to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with our own bodies during yoga sessions in the morning and in the evening, meditations in amazing places.

Wow, I can’t wait. I’m joining now!

Unforgettable experiences

Our time together will be unforgettable and full of relaxation, meaningful practices, and fun!  I have organised and planned your retreat to make sure it nourishes your heart, mind, and soul.  

I have carefully selected your experiences to take you away from the routine of the holiday season and into a dream holiday.  Besides, I will surprise you with some unexpected details that will add on to the spectrum of your emotions.

Imagine how it would feel to:
Move and breathe
○ Practise relaxing and energising yoga
○ Soak in the beauty of the sea and forest during our walks
○ Enjoy biking along the seashore with the fresh breeze
Imagine how it would feel to:
Explore and enjoy
○ Create your own piece of art at the pottery workshop
○ Visit a historical city of Manduria, a centre of the Messapic civilisation
○ Indulge in delicious Italian wine tasting
Imagine how it would feel to:
Reflect and grow
○ Let go of the past at the fire ceremony
○ Grow through the guided rituals, including planting a tree
○ Be part of ceremonies to say goodbye to 2024 and welcome 2025
Imagine how it would feel to:
Savour and nourish
○ Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals prepared by a private chef
○ Taste the local cuisine skilfully paired with Italian wine
○ Have fun at the celebration dinner on the New Year’s night
Imagine how it would feel to:
Relax and restore
○ Recharge at the daily guided relaxation practices
○ Relax having on-request massages
○ Enjoy the ‘dolce far niente’ as time for yourself
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Move and breathe

Relaxing and energising yoga

We will practise yoga twice a day: energising yoga flow in the morning and restorative yoga flow in the evening.  Classes are adjusted right on the spot to your body needs and movement experience.  

Each yoga session has a specific theme depending on our program for the day which is inspired by the energy of 5 elements.  This will give you a sense of integration, grounding and living each day with a thought-through intention.

Walks to meet the magical flamingos and in the mysterious forest

Re-connecting to nature is essential on your journey to the New You.

Imagine walking along the gentle Ionian sea, feeling the breeze on your face and playing with your hair, to meet the magical creatures - flamingos.  Admire spotting these elegant creatures that call this land of unspoiled beauty their home.

And now imagine walking in the beautiful forest, surrounded by the wisdom of trees and plants, the peaceful environment, tranquillity and fresh air, perfect spot for nature lovers.

Gentle biking along the seashore

Staying active and breathing in the fresh air from the sea, we will embark on a biking adventure along the coast.  We will bike at a gentle pace and admire the local architecture, street art and port with snow white boats.


During our biking trip, we will make a stop for a breathing meditation in a perfect spot to admire the sea view.

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Explore and enjoy

Pottery workshop to create your own piece of art

I invite you to visit the local centre of ceramics, Grottaglie, a southern Italian town that still has the largest ceramic production district in Europe today.  We will explore the clay manufacturing process, up to its firing and decoration.

Then you will roll up your sleeves and, under the expert guidance of our guide, you will learn to shape clay on the wheel to transform it into your work of art.

Cultural visit of the historical town Manduria

Manduria is an Apulian town, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards overlooking the sea.  It is a place of historical interest, as it was one of the main centres of the Messapic civilisation, traces of which can still be admired today in the Archaeological Park.  We will wander around the narrow streets of its historic centre and visit its monuments and suggestive views.

Tasting of delicious Italian wine

At the end of our cultural visit to the historical town Manduria, we will enjoy the wine tasting session of the local Primitivo di Manduria DOC.  Prepare your taste buds to notice the notes of plum and spice, with rustic hints of earth and tamed fruit flavours.

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Reflect and grow

Opening fire ceremony

You will be guided through the magic ritual and meditation to benefit from the cleansing energy of the fire.  Experience the magic of letting go and take a conscious decision to release anything and everything that does not serve you – and open your heart to the new.

Reflection and personal development sessions to let go of 2024 and welcome 2025

The sessions are aimed to guide you on the step-by-step journey to release the year of 2024 and enter into the year of 2025 fully relaxed, recharged, and at peace.  We will meditate and practise mindfulness during our yoga practice or in the nature.

Midnight farewell 2024 ceremony and mysterious forest welcome 2025 meditation 

A special ceremony will be held around midnight, where we will tune into the magical moment crossing the border between the two calendar years.  To make an end to 2024 is to make a beginning of 2025, a perfect time to change for the better.  The welcome 2025 meditation in the forest the next day will set you off for the new cycle in your new life.

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Savour and nourish

Delicious organic nourishments

Experience a culinary heaven on earth!  You will be served with two daily delicious, nutritious and simply beautiful vegetarian meals.  Our healthy and nourishing meals are freshly prepared with lots of love and attention to details from our talented and experienced private chefs.  They will craft each dish from local seasonal products for you to indulge.  Your dietary requirements will be thoughtfully taken care of throughout the retreat.

Celebration dinner of local food skilfully paired with Italian wine

On New Year’s eve, we will have a special celebration dinner to farewell the year of 2023.  You will be served with local Apulian specialties to fit the mood of the Italian surroundings and the uniqueness of the moment in the year.

Tasting of delicious Italian wine

At our special celebration dinner to farewell the year of 2023, the local Apulian foods will be skillfully paired with Italian wine to enhance your unique experience.  Italy, food, wine, celebration - yum!

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Relax and restore

Guided relaxation

To make you feel fully recharged and restored after all the hassles of 2024, you will be guided through progressive full-body relaxation.  Enjoy dozing off to the sounds of the relaxing music during the practice, and the bliss of feeling rejuvenated at the end of the practice.

Massages on request

Why not indulge in additional relaxation during your free time?  Choose from a variety of different options for massages to treat your body - and enjoy.  Taking care of your body is taking care of the house of your soul.

Time for yourself

Me-time is essential for your well-being, to restore the balance of your energy.  Every day of the retreat, there will be a dedicated time for you to chill, read a book, journal, go for a walk, and simply admire the beautiful skies.  Priceless moments of being with the most important person in your life - yourself!

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And a very special experience: Plant your tree!

Our venue puts sustainability as the top priority, using minimal plastic and sourcing products from local suppliers made from natural and regenerative materials, running on solar.

Their aim is to reforest 15 hectares of land.  And we will participate in that!

During our retreat, you will plant a tree to offset carbon emissions and to celebrate New Year, New You.  How cool is that!

I hear Italy calling my name. I’m coming!

Your journey to the New You

All the retreat activities are guided by the energy of the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  The signature program of our retreat, structured with the Yoga Shape methodology, will guide take on the journey: from releasing whatever does not serve to feeling relaxed, restored, and aware of your future aspirations.

Every day starts with setting an intention followed by an energetic Vinyasa-style yoga class.  After that, a healthy brunch awaits you to nourish your body.  Then we embark on a unique adventure guided by the specific element of the day: walking, biking, pottery workshop, visit of a historical city, wine tasting etc.  Coming back to the accommodation, you will have time for some relaxation and me-time.  We will finish the day with restorative yoga practice before a beautiful and healthy dinner.  Each day will be filled with personal development practices, magical rituals and ceremonies, and lots of surprises!

Day 1 - 28 December - Fire element - Start

Initiation with letting go and setting your intention.

Transfer to the accommodation, welcome, tea/coffee and snacks, opening information session, free time, opening ceremony, yoga, dinner, fire ceremony.

Day 2 - 29 December - Earth element - Honesty

Grounding and understanding where you are.

Yoga, brunch, personal development session, free time, visit to Grottaglie town for the pottery workshop, yoga, dinner.

Day 3 - 30 December - Metal element - Awareness

Getting clarity about where you want to go.

Yoga, brunch, bike ride along the coast, free time, personal development session, yoga, dinner.

Day 4 - 31 December - Water element - Practice

Embracing the fluidity and choosing your path.

Yoga, brunch, hike/walk to meet flamingos, free time, yoga, celebration dinner with local food tasting and wine pairing, personal development session with midnight farewell 2023 ceremony.

Day 5 - 1 January - Wood element - Evolution

Growth to the next step of your journey.

Yoga, brunch, free time, personal development session, yoga, walk in the forest with welcome 2024 meditation, visit to Manduria for guided tour and wine tasting, dinner.

Day 6 - 2 January - Centre

Coming back to centre after the cycle of inner work.

Yoga, personal development session, breakfast, closing session, departure.

yogashape reviews

The biggest benefit from coming to the retreat was disconnecting from everything else happening in the world and focusing on 'here and now'.

I’m ready for New Year, New Me!

This journey is for you if…

  • You do not want to spend your holidays on the couch in front of TV eating Christmas candy
  • You often feel that there has to be ‘more to life’ than going for coffees and shopping during this time
  • You like to move, spend time outdoors, explore – and balance it with quiet time for yourself
  • You wholeheartedly want to release the 2024 with gratitude and welcome 2025 with excitement
  • You want to have space and time to reflect to reflect on what happened in 2024
  • You are eager to feel more clarity and confidence about your goals for 2025.
  • You want to smoothly and effortlessly plan your 2025 to have a more fulfilling life on your own terms
  • You are open-minded enough to welcome different ceremonies and rituals to help you on your journey
  • You are open to going within and learning and growing
  • You long to connect more deeply to the like-minded people
  • The idea of this retreat makes you feel both excited and nervous!

A friend told me about Yoga Shape, I loved the spirit of both Instagram and the website and the program of the retreat looked balanced (sport, nature, relaxing times). I cannot recommend a better yoga teacher. Irina is dedicated, human-centred, and adapts the session to everyone's body and needs.

Bring on something new! Count me in!

What is included


  • 5 nights, 6 days accommodation in an eco-friendly boutique venue
  • bed linen, towels, plastic free soap bars and shampoo bars


  • 2 daily meals prepared by our private chefs: brunch and dinner
  • welcome treats at the opening day information session
  • celebration dinner on 31 December with local food tasting and pairing with Italian wine
  • tea, coffee, water available throughout the day

Yoga and Activities

  • 2 daily yoga and meditation sessions tailored for the theme of the day and inspired by the 5 elements
  • 2 organised hikes/walks along the coast to meet flamingos and in the forest for meditation session
  • 1 organised bike ride along the coast
  • planting a tree to offset emissions and celebrate New Year, New You
  • pottery workshop in the town of Grottaglie
  • cultural guided visit of the town of Manduria with wine tasting in the end

Reflection and personal development

  • fire ceremony to release the past experiences
  • daily reflection and personal development session to let go of 2024 and welcome 2025 step-by-step
  • midnight farewell 2024 ceremony 
  • welcome 2025 meditation in the forest


  • group transportation from and to the accommodation
  • group transportation to and from all the activities

What is not included

  • your flights

Finally having time for myself without having to think of a to-do list. Irina is a master of excellent organisation with intense attention to detail, with a happy personality and a love of surprising. All put together with excellent organisation, intense attention to detail and many happy surprises.

Incredible value! I can’t wait to join!

Your bonuses

  • Video recording of a 30-minute yoga session based on techniques and practices we will learn at the retreat
  • A print-out of how to best apply the energy of 5 elements throughout your day
  • A surprise gift upon your arrival
  • A surprise gift before your departure
  • Attention: pay your retreat in full and receive a private yoga session!
yogashape reviews

After the retreat, my heart is open. I feel more confident on my own like I am. After soaking in a luxury I do enjoy myself much more.

I can’t wait to go on this holiday!

Your host

My name is Irina Oshchepkova, I am a certified yoga teacher with 1000+ hours of teaching experience.  I offer the most in-depth and nurturing luxury retreats in unique locations around the world.

I love Italy.  This was my first visit abroad, and I was lucky to live and study here for a few months.  Last year I spent my birthday in the Puglia region, and ever since I dreamt of coming back.  

It is a highlight of my career to take a group of like-minded people to breath-taking destinations to go deeper into their practice, really nourish themselves and reconnect to nature.

I cannot wait to share with you the most gorgeous experiences for this magical holiday season!

Yogashape participants

Irina does it with her heart - and even if we knew what we will be doing, it has been full of surprises all the time. You have yoga, great hiking, great food, talks with people.

Count me in!

WHAT YOU WILL take home

Yoga and meditation

  • understanding how to customise basic yoga postures for your unique body needs
  • progressively developed yoga sequence that you can follow after the retreat
  • knowing how to best position your body during your meditation practice
  • a relaxed, rejuvenated and re-inspired body, mind and spirit

Personal development

  • a sense of peace and calm after the midnight farewell 2024 ceremony
  • a sense of optimism and inspiration after the welcome 2025 meditation in the forest
  • excitement and greater clarity and confidence about your goals and plans for 2025

Incredible memories (and pictures)

  • nature: fire ceremony, planting a tree, walks in the beautiful landscapes, flamingo watching, bike ride along the coast
  • culture: pottery workshop to create your piece of art, guided visit of the historical town of Manduria with wine tasting
  • nourishment: celebration dinner with local food tasting and pairing with Italian wine to say goodbye 2024 and welcome 2025


  • a re-found connection to your Self and understanding what truly matters
  • deep connections with a group of like-minded people and new friends
  • a new-found love for the beauty of Italy and its people


  • video recording of a 30-minute yoga session based on techniques and practices we will learn at the retreat
  • a print-out of how to best apply the energy of 5 elements throughout your day
  • surprise gifts upon your arrival and before your departure

I’ve been to multiple Irina’s classes, they are always on point: great flow, adjustable to different difficulty levels, fantastic meditations. The only yoga teacher I keep coming back to.

I’m convinced! Count me in!

Your Investment

The payment is non-refundable but can be fully transferred to another person.  Should travel be blocked due to COVID restrictions or other force majeure events, your payment will be credited to a postponed retreat.  The necessary and appropriate travel insurance is needed.

All the payments are made by credit card or by direct bank transfer.  Please contact me at [email protected] for details on bank transfer and invoicing, or if you wish to pay by instalments.

Please check my advice on the best flight option here.

Payment in full

private single room (one double bed)

Sold out

I am so excited to join this retreat!

Yogashpe retreat review

You will be surprised and your expectations will be exceeded; this retreat is so much more than you could ever dream of. Relaxed, happy, and re-energised was my state of mind after the retreat.

A unique opportunity for a meaningful holiday: let go of 2024, rest and recharge, enter in 2025 with clarity and joy

This is your unique chance to enjoy a thought-through high-end retreat in a beautiful setting.  Puglia will wrap you in beauty, cosiness, and delight.

Time for nourishment and healing, time to be nurtured by beauty, time to explore and revitalise your energy.

Give yourself a gift of valuable time for your body, mind and soul.


The weather in Puglia at this time is spring-like most of the time. At night the lowest temperature is 5-10 C degrees, while during the day it is 10-15 C degrees.

Book a flight to Brindisi, Italy, or to Bari, Italy. Generally, the flights to Bari are more convenient. From Bari to Brindisi, you can take a train, it will take you approximately one hour.

The common transfer for all the guests will be from Brindisi city or from Brindisi airport. Send me your flight details and I will arrange group transportation to our accommodation at the common time for all.

If the common pick-up place and time does not suit you, please arrange your own transport to Masseria Specula: Strada Comunale 59, Contrada Specchiarica, Manduria (TA), 74024, Italy. The car ride from Brindisi airport will take about 1 hour.

Our opening session is at 16:00 on 28 December 2024.

All levels are welcome, from zero to advanced! Each class is adapted to the needs of participants.

Make sure to bring comfortable clothes for yoga, outdoors and indoors. Comfortable shoes for walking and biking are highly recommended. I will send you a detailed list when you book your experience.

Personally, I am staying longer to enjoy the Italian dolce farniente and check out the sales 🙂 I recommend that you stay a few days more to explore the region and enjoy your prolonged holidays.